Larry Correia releases early version of Monster Hunter Siege

Science fiction author Larry Correia has released an early version of the upcoming new book in his popular Monster Hunter International series.

Andy Weir releases first chapter of his next book, ‘Artemis’

Andy Weir, author of the science fiction novel The Martian, has released the first chapter of his upcoming second book, named Artemis.

George R. R. Martin’s next book The Winds of Winter won’t arrive in 2015

The publisher of George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire has reportedly confirmed the next book in the series will not hit shelves in 2015.

Robin Hobb to release Fool’s Quest in August 2015

Fantasy author Robin Hobb has confirmed plans to release Fool’s Quest, the next novel in her long-running Realm of the Elderlings saga, in August 2015.

Sanderson to publish two new Mistborn novels in 2015/16

Brandon Sanderson has revealed plans to publish two new novels in his Mistborn fantasy series, with the first , Shadows of Self, to land in October 2015.

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