The primary purpose of this site is to discover and publicise great science fiction and fantasy literature.

Its secondary purpose is to serve as a home for Renai’s own writing – the quality of which will be left up to the reader to judge ;)

After careful consideration, Renai has decided upon the following principles to guide the creation of articles for the site and during the publishing process:

  • This site will carry no advertising aside from links to Renai’s own books. This is to ensure advertising does not impact editorial on this site.
  • This site will not utilise any affiliate marketing links of any kind, aside from links to Renai’s own books. Again, this is to ensure advertising does not impact editorial on this site.
  • Any article published on this site will feature a respectful approach to discussing the work of any author. This approach will be utilised out of consideration and appreciation for the high level of personal investment which authors put into their work.
  • Any articles published on this site will attempt to leverage a positive and constructive approach to criticism and review of any author’s work.
  • No article of any kind will be published about any author’s work before Renai has personally read some of that author’s work – their most highly regarded work if possible.
  • Renai does not accept gifts of any kind from any party, including promotional copies of books. Any books or other gifts sent to Renai in his role as a reviewer and writer will be returned at the donor’s own cost, or otherwise discarded unused. No gifts will be passed on to readers or otherwise utilised or distributed.
  • Renai does not conduct interviews or seek further information from any author or associated organisation with respect to their work. An author’s work will be examined on its own merits alone.
  • Similarly, Renai does not modify or revise articles upon request, except in the case of clear factual errors.
  • In writing articles for this site, Renai will attempt to avoid significant plot spoilers. Where this is required for discussion of a work (especially in the case of sequels), a prominent spoiler notification will be placed on the article.
  • This site allows reader comments to be published on articles. The policy guiding reader comments can be found here.